Lead Lists – Think About It

You really know what you’re buying, don’t you? Names and numbers from somewhere! Did you ever fill out a form to get a free iPad? Think about it.
Why not use a phone book? After all, where do you think “List” names and “List” numbers come from? Think about it.
Have you ever hired a telemarketer, trained that telemarketer, then hired and trained another telemarketer because the first one quit after one day or better yet, failed to show up? Think about it.
On a good day 250 calls might result in 6 people answering the phone. That’s 8 solid hours on the phone. Three will tell you to ____off and the other three will give courtesy listening because they are too nice to say ___ off. Think about it.
When was the last time you yourself made 250 calls a day, day after day? Who would want to do that? Think about it.
Have you ever had to pay a fine because you violated the National Do Not Call List? Think about it.
How do you know the lead list guy isn’t selling the same junk list to 25 other companies like yours, after all, why wouldn’t they? Think about it.
Think about it, if the list was really, really worth something, why wouldn’t they sell it for half of your revenue? Think about it.
You found me online right? And you want real time leads right? Why are you wasting your time with something that clearly doesn’t work? Think about it.
When was the last time YOU received a junk call and actually bought something? Think about it.
You may ask, “Lots of company’s sell lead lists online, it must work right”?
“Lead Lists” are exactly the same as the get rich quick or lose 40 pounds now scam. If “Lead Lists” worked, we would sell them all day long.
Think about it, Can your “List” Company say this?
  • We are the lead source. No middleman.
  • Our doors are open to the public, stop by anytime.
  • Other marketing companies come to us for their leads that they mark up and then sell to you; therefore, our pricing is wholesale.
  • We are GOOGLE Certified Partners.
  • We have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have real online testimonials you can verify.
  • We are very frank in telling you that SEO is not enough, your business deserves better.
  • We DO NOT drive leads to an underperforming existing website.
  • We build a direct call-to-action platform with SEO and Pay per Click integration to dominate your market.
  • We do not outsource your project; we have in house technicians and Webmasters.
  • We know and understand that a long term relationship means your business must make money.
  •  We’ve been here since 2009, as well as most of my clients.
Think about that!
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