Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of leads do you generate?

A. We can generate a lead platform for any business or service. We currently provide leads for hospitals, contractors, attorneys, auto dealers, solar industry and just about any professional industry.

Q. How Much Money Can I Make?

A. In most cases you are in control of how much you are capable of making based on your budget.  If you spend $99 a month you will not make $10,000 a month.  It is very unrealistic.  In order to be successful and make money you must run a campaign that is consistent.  A consistent campaign budget will start at a minimum $500 plus per month based on your industry.  For example: if you are a contractor and you spend a $1000 on a monthly campaign it is very possible to see returns of $10k to $30k Plus per month. We know a long term relationship means your company must make money!

Q. How Much Do The Campaigns Cost?

A. Each campaign is different for each industry.  We have businesses that spend anywhere from $500 a month to $15,000 a month.  Each business will base their campaign on their return on investment.  You can always start with a small campaign and work your way up as your business becomes more successful.  The minimum that we allow for a campaign is $500 a month.

Q. Why are leads hard to get?

A. Your competition is getting them 1st because they have a plan. If you are on this site looking for leads you need a plan. What is it costing your business by not having an exclusive lead program?

Q. Do you share the leads with my competitors?

A. NO! All leads are exclusive and unshared. You will either be called or emailed directly in real time.

Q. What can my business expect?

A. To target your local or national market based on your #1 source of revenue.

Q. I have a nice web site already.

A. You may have a nice web site, however…. it is sitting lost in the Internet world. Do you know why your customers cannot find you? We do…. and can explain to you in detail.

Q. I see my company on page 1 when I type in my business name.

A. Yes that is correct. However, new customers will not type in your name when looking for your service. They do not know who you are. They type in key words like mechanic, contractor and chiropractor. Only then if your business shows up on page 1 are you truly listed on page 1 and found under your type of service.

Q. Can you target leads in a specific city for my business?

A. Absolutely! We can target any city in any state even if your business does not have an address in that city. We have target marketing available so you can target as many cities as you wish to.

Q. Do you guarantee more sales?

A. No we do not. That is up to you, we will lead the customers/clients to you. Your business is responsible for follow up, answering the email leads and selling your product or service.

Q. What is GUARANTEED? Leads are Guaranteed!

A. We guarantee that you will receive leads thru email or phone calls targeting your #1 source of revenue.  Depending on your lead program and budget the amount of leads can fluctuate per program.

Q. How do I get started?

A. You can either fill in the contact form and we will call you at your requested time.  You can also call 800-362-5800 and speak to a live representative. Getting started is simple it takes about 10 minutes after your consultation to get your business information for your lead program.

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