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We have clients all over the country from Long Beach to New York. We also make it available for you to come and meet with us directly. If you are anywhere near the Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County area please come in and meet us face to face and let's discuss the best marketing project for your company.

We are sure to work within your budget and improve your overall online exposure so you can dominate your business market. We perform SEO services right the first time exposing your company to more leads and sales.

For a free consultation and online evaluation please call us at or come to our office at 235 E Broadway St #1020, Long Beach, CA 90802


Business Leads Services

  • We Generate Exclusive Leads - We do not resell YOUR leads to your competitors, like our competition does.
  • We Generate A Fresh Lead - We do not sell old or outdated lead list. We generate new leads.
  • Deliver Leads In Real Time - You are called or emailed instantly!
  • Target High Profit Revenue Streams - Leads based on your #1 money making jobs.
  • Keyword Phrase Targeting - We provide research and analytics
  • Target Lead Campaigns With A Return On Investment - We target jobs with a high ROI.
  • Local, Regional Or National Lead Campaigns - We base a campaign on your business needs.
  • We Provide Programs That Fits Your Budget - Organic leads or direct response PPC programs based on your budget.
  • We Do Not Share Or Sell Your Leads With Your Competition - That is what our competitors do with your leads.
  • Month To Month Programs - We also offer programs under contract with a 100% money back guarantee.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

We get you to the 1st pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We get you found based on your services thru keyword coding and keyword marketing. We target your #1 source of revenue.

Multiple City Marketing

How many cities would you like to target? We have an affordable package that will give you an 18 city SEO coverage. We can help your company target any area, city, state or region in the country.

Landing Pages

We create call to action format for more effective pay per click campaigns. A landing page will save in the long run; it will simply pay for itself. It will generate more e mail opt ins and phone call actions.

Pay Per Click Management

We will show you how to run a cost effective PPC campaign. Pay Per Click can be a very effective form of marketing if done right. It can also be a money nightmare if done wrong. We are the experts that can get it done right and be very effective with immediate targeted results.

Mobile Marketing

I phone applications / customer loyalty programming. Get ahead of your competition and set your business up for success. Get a custom mobile app for your company. You will not be sorry for this mobile investment.

Custom Websites

We build sites that work for you. We can customize a website for your #1 source of revenue and specific targeting of demographic. Custom coding, keyword coding, demographic coding we do it right the first time. A custom website will get to the front of the search engines in your sales market and start attracting leads and sales.

Website Recoding

We can take your non performing website and recode it to perform more efficiently and start generating revenue and leads. We can also give it a more up to date look and feel. We can also set it up for more linking and social media connection.

Social Media Management

We can set up all your Facebook, Twitter and U-Tube. We even have plans that can have us do your tweeting and Facebook updates. Get socially connected and start building a better relationship with your market. Like most business owners you need the social connection but do not have the time to make the updates. Let us make the updates for you.

Video Production

If you are a business owner the best way to express your company services is thru video marketing. We produce 30 second TV commercials for business owners. We also place your commercial spots in your local market media. Our video services also include Advertorials, Infomercials, U-Tube Videos and more.

Green Room Available

We are able to shoot on location or In house using our Green Room for filming. Call for video packages and pricing. Our video production packages are very affordable, placing your company on local television is much less than you might think.

American SEO Services

We perform all services in our Long Beach offices. Come in and meet with us today at 235 E Broadway St #1020, Long Beach, Ca 90802 or by calling 888-542-8060. We are open Monday thru Friday from 9 to 5 pm. We are available on the weekends by appointment.

Voice Pro

Are you looking for a way to make your website more exciting and more inviting to your customers? Would you like to turn more site visitors into site buyers? 1st page exposure's website audio services is just the thing you are looking for. Adding audio of any type is what your website needs to give it that extra attraction and turn more potential website visitors into customers. Now, you are probably asking, how could audio possibly help me turn more of my site visitors into site buyers?

Imagine a potential customer visiting your website and suddenly there is a voice that greets them. The voice leads them through a brief overview of your products and services. More importantly, your voice pro makes you stand apart from the competition. Would that grab their attention? Of course it would. Audio also presents your key message in a quick, clear and concise message. Customers no longer want to read through all the text on your website.

Why not tell them who you are and what you can do for them. That would be be far more effective. Listening to an audio on your website is much more enjoyable, less time consuming, and they can keep looking through your website while they listen. Audio presents your visitors with compelling and exciting reasons why they should be buying from you right now.

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